Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Guest Blogger! Back to School.

 Hello nomads, I'm the guest blogger this week on TPN and how great it is to be part of such an amazing team. My name is India Severe, I prefer to be called indy, and if you read my blog,
 Miss Indypendent, (www.indiasevere.blogspot.com)  you'll know why. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a background on my experience with fashion.

Writing this, brings back flashbacks of my self, as a fourth grader, going on the school intercom every monday and announcing fashion trends, as I was head of the fashion team (of two people.) at Rocky Mountain Elementary. As a fourth grader, I wrote the fashion column, 'Fashion 411' for our school newspaper. So yes, I have always loved fashion. I tried so hard to start trends in grade school, I even promoted Skirts over jeans. You can't tell me you didn't try that. (Okay, maybe it was just me.) Well, the after math of that Fashion 411 thing, was not pretty. I was made fun of terribly by the 'popular' girls who ended up being my best friends later in the year. I don't think I realized how embarrassing that truly was, until Im writing it today.

Ever since then I have truly loved fashion. I would love to have a legit fashion blog someday, style for a band, or celebrity, intern for a designer, or have a line of my own. No matter what, I would really love to work in the fashion industry. My idols and inspirations would be, Blake Lively, Chloe Grace Mortez, Elle Fanning, Emma Stone, Lauren Conrad,  Emma Watson, Rachel Zoe & Petra Karlsson. And many others, of course. Now, I completely understand I am in no position to tell you how to dress. Trust me, I learned my lesson after the whole fashion column tragedy. I am simply sharing my opinions and secrets on all the latest styles this fall. 

My mantra is, and always will be Coco Chanel's wise words;
"A girl should be two things. Classy and fabulous."
I am a firm believer of these things.

Well, as we all predicted it would, summer flew by too quickly. Don't get me wrong. Im not the biggest fan of school. However, there's always the excitement of stepping into a new scene, and making a statement.

A fashion statement.

There is never truly a year that I don't get excited over School shopping. It's apart of a teenage girl's life.

 So here it is. Your personal survival guide to going back to school this fall.

Color Blocking. 
Absolutely brilliant.

Generally Uneven blocks of contrasting color, make for a super chic look that pulls together a whole outfit.

Next up, Collars. Collars make the world go round.
I feel like the fashionable female version of peter pan every time I wear one.
So, bring out your inner Peter Pan, and buy collars. Buy them all.

Sweaters. Slouchy sweaters, and cardigans.

I am a huge fan of sweaters in general, much less a striped sweater. pair it over a collared shirt and you're golden.

Other trends to look for:
Denim. Oh, darling. If you have a classic denim shirt, you'll go far. Enough said.

You looking for something pretty to put on your feet? Oxfords, Combat boots or riding boots will help you out nicely.

Peplum shirts. These will become huge. You watch.

As for jeans, go with a classic black, or acid wash.

1. Avoid the common popular stores at your local malls. Eventually everything will be picked over, and there is nothing that makes me cringe more, than that awkward moment of passing someone wearing the same top as me.

2. Work with basics.
Have you ever stared into your closet and wanted a complete new wardrobe?
One way to make that happen is to have several key pieces. That way, you have a lot to work with and you can pair them with other clothes to give you an endless wardrobe. It's magic really.

3. Online Shopping. Obviously there are pro's and con's to this gift from heaven, but it is truly an amazing device. A lot of times, stores have extended their collections online only. That way you can secure cute looks that are almost guaranteed no one else will have by going to the store. Also, the feeling of opening your package before school is like a fashionistas christmas. Make sure you order early, (NOW) so you can return clothes if needed. Pedaling Nomad has a great online store you can shop at, and they ALWAYS have killer deals.

4. Don't forget makeup, perfume and other accessories.
Delias, sells great back packs and you can also find darling bags  at Target. There is nothing like getting glammed up on your first day of school, and spraying you're new perfume. This can be fun, taking a bunch of friends and trying out all of the scents until you find the one for you.

5. Don't try too hard. You want you're style to look effortless, but still classy and put together. Go easy on the make up and make sure you take good care of yourself, lotion, washing your hair, painting your nails, ect. Besides, everyone deserves to be pampered.

6. Fabulously british. The British invasion is definitely here. I highly recommend guys going to One Direction for fashion advice. And I'm not saying that just because I'm their number one fan. Besides that, everything british is popular right now, so rock a british flag, or even better, shop in the UK.
(Online of course.) This almost guarantees a solid look that no one else will have. Try sheinside, Romwe, nasty gal, and jack wills.

7. Spread out your new outfits. When you get your yearly fashion haul right before school, its natural to want to wear the crap out of every outfit. But it would be wise, not to. if you wear all of your new clothes in the first week, what will you do the next? Spread your outfits out so you have a solid style. Every week. Every month.

8. Shop affordable. Theres no need to get the most expensive clothes possible. You can rock a plain white T, for 5 dollars. Its true, it's all about how you present yourself. If you shop at less expensive stores, you can buy more clothes, where as if you spend all your money on new sperry topsiders, you'll have less of a wardrobe. Again, let me praise Pedaling Nomad for having some of the cutest and affordable clothing I have ever seen in one place. Great place to find all of the trends I talked about earlier.

9. Always take care of your lips. I recommend Baby Lips. It's fine that I have every color & flavor. It's necessary for survival.

10.  Last but not least, have confidence. Own every outfit, by having a smile on your face.
(Cheesy, but incredibly true.)

So here's to a great school year, (we'll end up poking our eyes out anyway.) And a great year in fashion. Always be creative. "An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Im quite sure that those were the words going through my mind when I tried the 'skirts over jeans ' thing. Let's not be that creative then. But take after my innocent example. Trying to make a difference in fashion at such a young age. Sure I was made fun of. But look where I am now! Writing for the Pedaling Nomad. I guess dreams do come true. (tear, sniff.)

Well, I have made this post uncomfortably long as it is, so I will leave you once again from the wise words of Ms. Chanel, 

Stay Classy ladies.

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  1. Indy I think you left off your grandma as one of your fashion inspirations. I certainly give off a "fashion statement" since Uncle John once said in an invitation to his house clean up, that I can wear my "mom jeans." So there, I have a following, don't you think.

    With all seriousness aside, this is great post--so friendly, encouraging, and informative. It has already helped me a lot --as I go to clothes shopping I will call to mind all your good points. Love ya, Indy Blue.