Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest Blogger!

Well hello there pedaling nomad readers.
My name is sydnee and I write at the blog, Oxford Comma.

I love anything fashion and I was asked to write on my favorite summer accessories.
Most of the time I wear minimal accessories or just simple ones in the summer

Luckily for you guys, I’m at the beach! Extra pretty pictures.

For the beach (or for more realistic scenario, the pool or lake)
I think you should keep it simple with a big floppy hat to cover your face (preventing unwanted sunburns) which I bought for three dollars at a swap meet, sunglasses and a bright swimsuit cover-up.

One of my necessities for the beach is also a great book, like the Great Gatsby.

But if you’re just having a simple summer day, shopping at a flea market with your gal pals or having lunch with your mom, you don’t want a lot of fuss, so I love to stack cute single pendant necklaces and a quirky bracelet.

And, of course, sunglasses.

My favorite jewelry is weird, like a necklace with a mini harmonica, deer head bracelet, and a heart ring. The more unique the shape, the better.

Sometimes you do need a little flash like when you’re going out.

Statement necklaces are where I like to stand out. With statement necklaces you don’t have to add too much jewelry to the rest of your outfit which in my opinion is a bonus.

My advice to you is buy stuff at boutiques that way nobody can copy you,
And the best accessory you can carry around is your confidence.

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