Thursday, June 28, 2012


As lovers of style, we’re always on the lookout for the latest fashion trend. Take a gander at the pictures below and see if you can spot some similarities. 

If you’re like us, you probably noticed two similarities: these outfits are bright and bold. This summer, boldly bright outfits are all the rage. Not only do these outfits look classy, but they also do their fair share of reflecting heat and keeping you cool. 
Next time you’re rummaging through your closet for something to wear, remember to choose something bright and bold. Don’t have this in your closet? No need to fear, The Pedaling Nomad is here. Check out our store for the latest trend!

Go bold or go home, baby.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Guest Blog!

Hey ladies and gents! My name is Mallory and I LOVE the summertime. Seriously, can you think of a more fun time of year? The best things happen in the summer. Popsicle eating, open-sunroof-driving, carnivals galore and all kinds of water related activities, my personal fave. While we're all partaking in the best things summer has to offer, we've got to look good doing them! I'm blogging to show you a couple examples of how to look effortlessly fabulous while partying it up in the sun.


(Top - H&M, Skirt - DownEast Outfitters, Bag - Old Navy, Shoes, Shades & Hat - Forever 21)

I've absolutely been loving the fashion trends this summertime. One of my favorites is maxi skirts. They just scream summer to me, and let me tell you, they are heavenly. On the comfort scale it might even surpass pajamas. We're talking serious comfort here people. Another trend I am loving is bright bright colors and neons! They're everywhere and it's a girls dream. And I mean every girl's dream, because who doesn't look good in a big pop of color? That's right, nobody. Throw on a hot color and you instantly look fashionable. It's a secret weapon. Also, it's super summery. So when I'm headed to the beach or pool, one of my favorite things to do is put these two trends together! Just throw on a great patterned maxi skirt and pair it with a flowy, light top in a bright color over your swimsuit and you're set. It's even better if you put on some bright colored sunglasses too. Instant style. Strappy, gladiator style sandals and a floppy sun hat as huge as you can find are also a must. I also love my metallics, so I've got my silver beach bag to hold my towel, sunscreen, book and other poolside essentials. Easy as that! Effortless but breezy and very summery.


    (Top, Shorts, Bag - Forever 21, Scarf - Gifted, Shoes - Sperry's, Glasses - H&M)Another one of my favorite summer activities is going up the canyon near my town for      bonfires, picnics, longboarding, stargazing, hiking, you name it. You can even go up to the ski resorts like Sundance and ride the chairlifts up for a scenic tour like I did in these pictures! There is so much to do up in those mountains. I love it. When you're going up there, you want to look like you are stylish but ready to go on an insane adventure at the same time - cause you are! Here's another one of the best trends: button-up chambray shirts. They are absolutely my favorite, go-to summer shirts. They're so lightweight, comfortable and effortless-looking, and look wonderful on anyone. Throw one on with some bright colored shorts and you're lookin' good. I like to tie a breezy patterned scarf in a bow around my neck and pair it with a chambray to add some simple flair. Boat shoes are also fantastic for those summer adventures. I advise getting some Sperry's ASAP. And of course, don't forget the shades - again, I love the metallics and try to work them in wherever I can. An over-the-shoulder bag in a neutral color looks casual but cute and can store all your stuff while you explore. Finish of this look with a carefree summer hairstyle like beachy waves and you'll look like a summer dream.

With these simple tips, all the great trends this summer, and the FABULOUS new release from the Pedaling Nomad, looking effortlessly fantastic at all your fun events this summer will be a cinch! Now go eat a popsicle and sit in the sunshine (in a maxi skirt, of course ;) ). 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


"Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions."
-Coco Chanel
From fashion icon and legend Coco Chanel, these words have reverberated around the fashion industry for years, and it is exactly what this blog is all about—proportions. 
When looking through fashion magazines and watching certain programs, you see plenty of “mom” shorts, lace, colored jeans, high-low dresses, bright colors (teal, mint, coral, yellow, pink, etc.) and all sorts of funky patterns. But what are the best ways to put all of these patterns, colors, and fabrics together? These types of clothing can only be worn two ways: fabulous or train-wreck. It all depends on how you style them.

The picture below does a wonderful job in demonstrating the importance of proportion. Lets begin with the color. As you can see, the color of the jeans and blouse are more muted, pastel, colors. These two pieces alone would not make a show stopping outfit, and without the accessories, there would be no contrast. Alone, this outfit would have no “wow” factor. By adding a pop of color through the shoes, necklace, and the bag, it turns the entire outfit around. It adds that contrast and balance that is so pleasing to the human eye.
Now for the fit. The way the blouse fits loosely over of the tight fitted jeans gives the outfit the dynamic everyone is looking for. When you have a loose blouse on top of a baggy pant, it gives your body no curve or shape. And believe us, curves are a must!
Another important aspect of proportions is patterns and fabrics. The photo below shows two different examples of each. It has two completely different types of fabric and  patterns, but what makes this outfit work so well is the subtleness of the button-up top. Although there are two different patterns—which can be difficult to work with in most cases—the blouse compliments the busy skirt rather than adding to it because of its light color and simplicity. Proportion is everything.

Men, are you feeling left out? Not to worry! Chanel’s words and the suggestions we’ve given still ring true for you. You can easily maintain your taste at work or develop an attractively grungy look by following the simple guidelines of proportions.

What are some of your favorite outfits that demonstrate the magic of proportions? Send us your pictures to with a brief description and you could be featured on The Nomad! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Word of the day: COLOR
Why is “COLOR” the word of the day? Because this summer is all about colors!  Our summer campaign is centered around colors. Inspired by luscious, green trees, and the bright, yellow sun, we have taken all of these radiant colors and incorporated them into our clothing. We want to help you make your summer that much brighter, and not to mention more stylish! Sounds like a deal breaker to us, don’t you think?
Here are a few of our favorite pieces from our summer collection that really express how much the colors of summer have inspired us. 

Leave us a comment and tell us how you’re using colors this summer! As I’m sure you already know, our site is now open for business. Just a few clicks of your mouse and these fabulous little numbers could arrive on your doorstep. 
Have a stunning day! Remember, always keep it classy.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Faces of Nomad

Are you having a fantabulous (yes, that’s actually a word!) week? Giddy with excitement for our grand opening THIS MONDAY? We knew you would be. Tell us, what did you think of our posters for our summer launch? We’d love to hear your questions and comments! That being said, we are always on the look out for new models to photograph for our seasonal campaigns. If you think you fit the part, please apply to The Faces of Nomad program by clicking the link below and entering all the needed info. It’s a perfect way to expand your portfolios or give yourself an insightful, fun inside-look at fashion industry. Don’t be shy—flaunt it if you got it! 

Even with all of the awesome discounts we have been giving out for our grand opening, we have decided our customers need another cherry on top—that is, FREE shipping on any orders $50 and above. FOREVER.  We’ve also decided to give you a little sneak peek because you’ve all been so good to us. 

Have a world class weekend and a happy Father’s Day!
See you on Monday, you little fashionista’s.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One More Week!

Hello again!
We have been insanely busy getting ready for the big day. Clothes have been flying and boxes have been torn to pieces, but we are confident that all of you will fall head over heals for our bright and elegant summer collection. 
Just a little reminder that our grand opening will be on June 18th. ONE MORE WEEK, people! Your will receive an automatic 15% discount on your first purchase. Click here to subscribe and you could receive another 15% discount for a different order on top of that! Go do it! You won’t regret it.
Also, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and priceless fashion advice. 

Here is a little something you can look froward to:

Have a stellar week!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fun, Elegant, or Thrill?

Hey there! 
Summer is finally here! Tell us, what fun plans do you have to make your summer the best one yet? To help you to achieve this goal, we’ve come up with some unique activities that will make your summer a memorable one. And we mustn’t forget what we will be wearing during these fantastic adventures. That would be a crime! We are going to share some activities that will not only benefit the outcome of your summer, but will keep you staying stylish regardless of the occasion.
One of our favorite outdoor games to play in the summer is a friendly game of badminton. If you’ve never played badminton before, trust us when we say that you are missing out! It’s an awesome way to have a good time with friends without getting too sweaty. How can you argue with that? Throw on a bright pair of keds, some short shorts, a simple T, and a cute baseball cap to complete a sexy, sporty look.  Before your guests arrive, set out a table with tasty snacks and drinks to encourage socializing. A good host never has their guests leave hungry!

If you’re looking for a more relaxed way to spend a summer evening, a perfect activity may be hosting an outdoor tea party. Slip into your favorite sundress, bright colored wedges, and an light sun hat, and your guests will feel like they’ve just walked into a genuine European tea party. Decorate each table with tea cups, small plates, a spoon, and a small fork. Try spicing it up by hanging twinkling lights, and maybe set out a few games, such as croquet or even badminton, to keep your guests entertained. Serve your favorite types of tea. Make sure you have multiple choices so that your guests have options. Also, serving cupcakes or muffins will set the right mood for a quaint tea party that will surely become a night to remember.

Looking for something a little more thrilling? Call up a few friends, grab some tubes, and head over to the nearest lake or river and take a swim! What a perfect opportunity to pull out your favorite sun hat and a bathing suit to show off some skin. This activity is splendid for the hottest of days and is also quite kind to your bank account, which is always a plus in our book! Finish of the day with a casual backyard barbecue. If that doesn’t sound like the perfect events of a summer day, we don’t know what does!

Looking for more? Here are a few other activities that might also tickle your fancy:
  • BBQ
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Garden Party
  • Drive In Movie
  • Water Fights
  • Giant Slip n’ Slide
If you have any other suggestions for perfect summer activities, comment below and let us know. We love to see fun, fresh ideas. We hope you have a splendid summer!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing—The Nomad!

Welcome to The Pedaling Nomad’s fashion blog, The Nomad! Here, we will give you fashion advice, discuss fashion trends, and keep you updated on everything Nomad. 
We are excited to announce the launch date for our store on June 18th, 2012! Some of you may be curious as to what exactly The Pedaling Nomad is all about. Below are a few frequently asked questions about us that we are happy to answer.
What Is The Pedaling Nomad?
We are a fun, innovative online retail store. We thrive on simplicity, fashion, and giving back to the community. 
What Will The Pedaling Nomad Sell?
We will sell an assortment of fashionable and unique clothing and jewelry for both men and women. The quality of our clothing is of the upmost importance to us. All of the clothing we sell will be affordable to everyone, ranging anywhere from $2-$30. 
Our inventory will constantly be changing. Once the inventory for a clothing item runs out, it will be replaced with another stunning item the next day. This way, our store is always fresh with new fashion. Be sure to constantly check our site once we launch so you don’t miss out on the next deal!
What is The Faces of Nomad?
The Faces of Nomad (TFN) is an exciting program made to help aspiring models build a free portfolio. Chosen applicants will have the chance to experience the excitement of a professional fashion shoot and appear on The Pedaling Nomad website. To enter for the chance to become one of The Faces of Nomad, just click here and fill out the requested information. But don’t keep all the goodness for yourself. Share it!  Spread the word to your friends about this great opportunity!
Will You Hold Any Sales?
You would think that with our very affordable prices, we wouldn’t hold any sales. Well, you thought wrong! We regularly hold sales according to holidays and whenever we feel extra generous. On top of that, every new customer will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase! Now that’s an awesome sale!
Where Do I Subscribe?
To subscribe to our newsletter, simply click the link below and fill out the requested information. 
By subscribing, you will receive a newsletter three times a week. This is a great way to keep up with our hot deals and new arrivals!
For updates, fashion advice, and a sneak peek at the clothing The Pedaling Nomad will sell, please visit and like our Facebook page: 
We’ll see you on June 18th!