Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Word of the day: COLOR
Why is “COLOR” the word of the day? Because this summer is all about colors!  Our summer campaign is centered around colors. Inspired by luscious, green trees, and the bright, yellow sun, we have taken all of these radiant colors and incorporated them into our clothing. We want to help you make your summer that much brighter, and not to mention more stylish! Sounds like a deal breaker to us, don’t you think?
Here are a few of our favorite pieces from our summer collection that really express how much the colors of summer have inspired us. 

Leave us a comment and tell us how you’re using colors this summer! As I’m sure you already know, our site is now open for business. Just a few clicks of your mouse and these fabulous little numbers could arrive on your doorstep. 
Have a stunning day! Remember, always keep it classy.

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