Monday, June 4, 2012

Introducing—The Nomad!

Welcome to The Pedaling Nomad’s fashion blog, The Nomad! Here, we will give you fashion advice, discuss fashion trends, and keep you updated on everything Nomad. 
We are excited to announce the launch date for our store on June 18th, 2012! Some of you may be curious as to what exactly The Pedaling Nomad is all about. Below are a few frequently asked questions about us that we are happy to answer.
What Is The Pedaling Nomad?
We are a fun, innovative online retail store. We thrive on simplicity, fashion, and giving back to the community. 
What Will The Pedaling Nomad Sell?
We will sell an assortment of fashionable and unique clothing and jewelry for both men and women. The quality of our clothing is of the upmost importance to us. All of the clothing we sell will be affordable to everyone, ranging anywhere from $2-$30. 
Our inventory will constantly be changing. Once the inventory for a clothing item runs out, it will be replaced with another stunning item the next day. This way, our store is always fresh with new fashion. Be sure to constantly check our site once we launch so you don’t miss out on the next deal!
What is The Faces of Nomad?
The Faces of Nomad (TFN) is an exciting program made to help aspiring models build a free portfolio. Chosen applicants will have the chance to experience the excitement of a professional fashion shoot and appear on The Pedaling Nomad website. To enter for the chance to become one of The Faces of Nomad, just click here and fill out the requested information. But don’t keep all the goodness for yourself. Share it!  Spread the word to your friends about this great opportunity!
Will You Hold Any Sales?
You would think that with our very affordable prices, we wouldn’t hold any sales. Well, you thought wrong! We regularly hold sales according to holidays and whenever we feel extra generous. On top of that, every new customer will receive a 15% discount on their first purchase! Now that’s an awesome sale!
Where Do I Subscribe?
To subscribe to our newsletter, simply click the link below and fill out the requested information. 
By subscribing, you will receive a newsletter three times a week. This is a great way to keep up with our hot deals and new arrivals!
For updates, fashion advice, and a sneak peek at the clothing The Pedaling Nomad will sell, please visit and like our Facebook page: 
We’ll see you on June 18th!

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